Effective Communication Is A Dialogue & Not A Monologue

In order to communicate effectively we must convey our ideas clearly, speak with proper intonation and pitch, use appropriate body language, and actively listen to the other person.  Many people fail to think before they speak and forget that understanding the other person’s point of view is critical to developing a good relationship.  Effective communication is about engaging in a balanced and respectful dialogue rather than selfishly engaging in a contest of monologues.  

Believe You Can Do Anything And You Will!

It’s important to believe in ourselves and our capability of doing great things.  Self-confidence allows us to be confident in the people we choose to interact with.  Self-confidence also allows us to see the visible and hidden talents in others so that they can receive the encouragement they need to overcome any obstacle.  When we help another person succeed we all succeed.  You’re willingness to help another person indicates that you know how to ask for help when needed.  Society is an inter-dependent system that flourishes with the loving cooperation of all of its members.

Loving Assertiveness Sets The Wheel Of Civilization In Motion

Respect yourself and others enough to take the initiative to build and improve personal and community relationships!  Take advantage of every opportunity to speak your truth in order to encourage those who may be timid to do the same.  Be a lantern of hope and accomplishment in the world.

Face Your Fears Each Day And Learn That Fear Is Not The Same As Reality

Face something you’re afraid of each day and you’ll be amazed at how there is really nothing to fear but fear itself.  Ask yourself if you have any real evidence that the thing you are afraid of doing will harm you.  As you successfully face each fear you’ll grow in self-confidence. All of your relationships will improve because your self-confidence will enable you to have confidence and trust in others.  Face yourself in the mirror each morning with courage will allow you to face anyone and any situation fearlessly.

Let Go Of The Past So You Can Focus On The Present

Let go of the past so you can devote one hundred per cent of your energy to taking care of things in the present moment. Looking back at the past divides our attention and decreases our appreciation of where we are and who we’re with right now. Each moment is precious so enjoy it to the fullest right NOW!

Don’t Run Away From Yourself, Your Loved Ones, & Your Life

People who are afraid to face themselves distance themselves from loved ones and the enjoyment of life by burying themselves in work.  These same people stay at jobs they hate working with people they don’t respect and who don’t respect them!  Courageously face yourself and love yourself so you can balance time between work and family and show those you love how much they mean to you.  Life is short so make every second count!


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