Wisdom Dictates Examining Why We Say & Do The Things We Do

Many people live their lives on auto-pilot and repeat dysfunctional behavior learned within their family of origin.  It’s important to learn from past bad behavior and its negative consequences.  If we don’t learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it over and over again. Forgiveness of self and others is a great foundation for personal liberation and is the beginning of a great relationship with ones self and others. 

When We Can See Ourselves In Others We’re Better Equipped To Enjoy Our Lives

Since everything we do is filtered through our self-image it’s important to make sure that we treat ourselves with dignity, love, forgives, and respect so that when we interact with others we can treat them well.  Seeing ourselves in others helps us to understand that relationships are about making sure that everyone’s needs are met rather than competing for power.  When we sew dignity, love, respect, forgiveness, and compassion we will reap the same. 

Forgiveness Of Self & Others Is Liberating

It’s important to accept that we and others aren’t perfect. It’s also important to understand that when we forgive others we are also forgiving ourselves and liberating ourselves and others from grief. Forgivness is the key to a happy, balanced, and successful life. Use this key now,!

When You Follow Through On Committments You Make To Youself You Lay The Foundation For Good Relationships With Others

It’s important to understand that when we follow through on committments we make to ourselves this enables us to keep important promises we make to others.  Reason dictates that if we truly value ourselves and others we will make sure  that what we promise ourselves and others is something benificial, important, and  something we can truly deliver.