Unresolved Family Of Origin Issues Can Cause Major Damage In Future Relationships

We mimic our parents’ behavior and values.  Men and women who haven’t forgiven their parents and siblings for neglecting or mistreating them will subconsciously connect with a life partner that reminds them of their parents.  When the new life partner is abusive (either physically, sexual, or verbally) the other partner will retaliate as though interacting with their parents because all behavior is learned.  It’s very important to understand that it’s foolish to return bad behavior with bad behavior.  Unresolved family of origin issues can also negatively affect the relationships we have at work and within the community.  Taking time to reflect on the past and forgiving ourselves, our parents, and our siblings will enable us to stop the cycle of negative behavior.  Take the time to analyze your thoughts and behaviors in order to replace negative habits with good ones.  I also recommend improving your self-esteem because the more you like and accept yourself the more you will like and accept others.  When we treat others with love, dignity, respect, and kindness we lay the foundation for an amazing, fulfilling, and happy life.

Forgiveness Lays The Foundation For A Better Life

When we are able to forgive others we also obtain the ability to forgive ourselves.  Whatever we say and do is filtered through our self-image and is a reflection of how we view ourselves. Forgiving self and others is in line with reason since no one is perfect.  Holding on to anger and resentment is not healthy and creates a prison of unhappiness.  Forgiveness, on the other hand, brings freedom and joy into our lives and keeps us focused on the positive aspects of life.