What You Say & Do To Others Is A Direction Reflection Of How You View Yourself

Everything that we say and do to others demonstrates how we feel about ourselves deep down inside. People who say and do unkind things to others are revealing that they don’t like themselves. Loving words and actions towards others demonstrates that the person values themselves and understands the interdependent nature of life. Our self-image is projected out in front of us at the subliminal level. We say and do things to others based on how we’ve been programmed to feel about ourselves within our family of origin. Many people have grown up in homes where they were not told what amazing and capable people they really are and so they don’t believe in themselves or others. Before you ask others to love you and treat you well take the time to heal your emotional wounds so you can love and respect yourself and others too.

By Appreciating Yourself, Your Talents, & Loving Yourself You’ll Attract The Same Kind Of People Into Your Life

Everything we say and do is filtered through our self-image.  When you ask others if they love or appreciate you you are really asking yourself those same questions.  People who don’t truly love themselves can be in a relationship with someone and never believe they are loved even though it is shown and expressed verbally to them by their partner.  Rather than push good people out of your life learn to attract them by trusting, loving, and believing in yourself.  Forgive your parents for not showing you the love and affection you craved so much.  Why?  Forgiveness is wisdom.  Remember that our parents did the best they could and probably grew up with parents who didn’t know how to show them the affection they truly desired either.  Resentment leads to senseless vengeance while forgiveness brings peace of mind.  Look in the mirror every morning and say the following:  “I love you, you can do anything, you are open to new opportunities, you are fearless, you are forgiving.”  As you change the way you perceive yourself others will perceive you differently and treat your accordingly.

Be A Good Friend To Obtain & Keep Good Friends

Everyone wants to have close friends that they can confide in, laugh with, celebrate momentous occasions with, and turn to when times get tough.  In order to have those kinds of friends we mu be thoughtful, kind, caring, able to keep confidences, forgiving, encouraging, and able laugh often.  We can only attract what we are.  Work each day on being the kind of people you wish to fill your life with and you’ll be amazed at what will happen.

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Forgiveness Is Your Passport To A Better Life

Many people are bogged down by anger and resentment.  These negative emotions only cause harm to the individual holding on to them. How so?  Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between ourselves and other people.  We speak to others through our self-image.  By learning to love and forgive ourselves we can then love and forgive those around us and be free to really enjoy life!  It’s important to understand that no one is perfect and that all behavior is learned.  Realize that many people are walking around with emotional wounds we can not see.  Why not help them heal with some love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness?

Revenge, Anger, & Resentment Are Foolish & Unhealthy

Many people seek revenge when they feel they’ve been wronged. Revenge is foolish because answering bad behavior with equally bad behavior begins and endless cycle of negative reactions and actions.  By forgiving the bad words and actions of others you reveal that you’re aware that nobody is perfect, including yourself.  Since everything we say and do is filtered through our self-image the way we treat others reveals how we feel about ourselves.  When you are angry with others you are also being angry with yourself and when you dislike others you reveal that you don’t really like yourself very much.  Strive each day to love, appreciate, respect, encourage, and forgive yourself in order to be truly present and happy.  The more you like yourself the more you’ll like others and you’ll see your world open up with many more opportunities!