Revenge Is Foolish & Can Rob You Of Your Joy

Taking revenge on someone who has hurt you is foolish.  How does returning bad behavior with bad behavior improve the relationship you have with yourself and others?  When you do and say things that are negative it’s a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Why not practice self control so that you can actually think before you say or do something that you will regret?  Could you be displacing anger onto someone who doesn’t deserve it because you’ve not forgiven yourself and another person who did something similar to you?  By learning to stop and think before you act and forgive yourself and others you can maintain joy and happiness in your life that no one can ever take away from you.

Forgiveness Is Your Key To A Better Life & Better Relationships

When we forgive others we are also forgiving ourselves.  Everything we say and do is filtered through our self-image. By forgiving others we acknowledge the fact that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. Forgiveness also provides us with an opportunity to examine our personal boundaries and strengthen them.  Forgiveness enables us to be truly present and prevents unhealthy displacement of anger, shame, guilt, etc.  Forgiveness allows us to have a better relationship with ourselves that, in turn, results in better relationships with others.  Treating trauma and depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. leads to clarity of thought and ability to forgive self and others.