Don’t Allow Your Past To Destroy Your Present

Many people allow the past to prevent them from enjoy the present.  When we don’t act wisely and make our peace with the past and other people we are doomed to re-enact a negative view of self and others over and over again until we learn the lessons presented to us.  Utilize empathy, compassion, patience, and forgiveness when evaluating the negative things people have said and done to you in order to let the past go and focus on the good within you and others now.  Concentrating on the positive qualities that you and others possess can enable you to make the most of the relationship you have with yourself and others today.

Look For Opportunities To Improve The Lives Of Others

Improving the lives of others improves our lives as well.  Helping others improve their lives can involve treating them with love, dignity, and compassion.  We can also help others improve the quality of their lives by being open and honest with them and by being willing to hear, accept, and behave in harmony with the truth.  Teaching by good example strengthens the power of our thoughtful and kind words.  Each day provides us with an opportunity to enrich the lives of others and our own lives as well.

You’re Self-Image & It’s Link To Happiness

The better your self-image the happier you will be.  I hope that when you look in the mirror each morning that you love what you see.  How we feel about ourselves drives our thoughts and behavior.  Look into the mirror and say the following: “I love you, I respect you, you can do anything, you deserve every good thing in life, you deserve happiness and good relationships.”  For some people this will not be easy at first because their self-image has been tarnished by negative experiences from the past that have lead them to believe falsehoods about their self-worth.  Over time looking in the mirror and truly liking what you see will become easier and this will enable you to treat others in a loving and thoughtful manner and attract good people into your life.  When we can tell others that they are wonderful without reservation we will know that we have the same feeling about ourselves since everything we say and do is filtered through our self-image.