Excellent Communication Is The Foundation For Great Relationships

Good communication entails having the courage to ask questions about things we’re unsure of.  Good communication also requires us to tell the truth when asked a question that can affect the relationship we have with others.  Communicating well involves listening to what someone else has to say without interruption.  Being able to communicate effectively means our focus has to be on what’s right rather than on who’s right.  Clear communication makes it easier to navigate relationships without fearing any hidden emotional land mines.  If we can face the truth about ourselves and be accountable for our words and actions we will find it easier to ask others important questions and hold them accountable.  No one is a mind reader so ask relevant questions and give clear answers.

The Mind/Body Connection As It Relates To Health & Well-Being From The Perspective Of A Medical Intuitive: Change Your Body & Your Thoughts In Order To Transform Your Life!

Mind Body Connection

Your Subconscious Mind Can’t Distinguish Bewteen You & Other People

The Subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can’t distinguish between ourselves and other people.  When we interact with others our self-image is projected out in front of us at the subliminal level like a hologram.  We speak to others the way we feel we deserve to be spoken to and treat others the way we believe we should be treated, whether functional or dysfunctional.  The subconscious mind stores all the memories of interactions we’ve had with others and prompts many people to displace negative thoughts and emotions onto innocent victims when a facial expression, intonation in the voice, or body language triggers painful memories.  A healthy level of self-esteem, good personal boundaries, honesty, humility, and good communications skills can help us admit our mistakes, change our behavior as needed,  and ask for and grant forgiveness to ourselves and others. The more we love and appreciate ourselves the more we will love and appreciate others and they, in turn, will love and appreciate us.

How To Navigate Successfully Through The Mental Health Care System