You Can Develop A Healthy Relationship Attachment Style Even If You Didn’t Grow Up With This In Your Family Of Origin

Most people didn’t grow up in homes where they learned a healthy relationship attachment style.  Even so, the good news is that by forgiving parents, siblings, and ourselves along with improving self-esteem and developing healthy personal boundaries we can develop healthy, loving, supportive, and trusting relationships with partners, friends, and even family members.  Life is about balance as opposed to extremes.  Many people end up in either unhealthy and unhappy co-dependent relationships or choose to be totally independent and avoid intimate relationships for fear of being hurt.  By improving a person’s self-esteem and developing healthy personal boundaries one can enjoy the benefits of interdependence.  By concentrating on the good qualities and skills that we possess and working on areas that need improvement we are in a position to see the good qualities and great skills that others possess.  Speaking to others in a kind, loving, and supportive way can strengthen the relationship we have with them.  Learning how to feel comfortable with saying and hearing the word NO is a sign of emotional maturity and self-respect.  By truly respecting ourselves and taking care of our own needs we will be capable of respecting others and their wishes.  Great relationships require cooperation, trust, honesty, and love.

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Good Communication Is Key To Healthy Personal & Business Relationships

Healthy relationships depend on frequent and honest communication.  If something is bothering you talk about it with your family member or co-worker in order to remove doubt and gain peace of mind.  Remember that no one is a mind reader and that it’s best to let people know how you are feeling.  Lack of open communication breeds negative assumptions and tears down good relationships.  Excellent communication is the lifeblood of any relationship.  If you need something in the relationship that you’re not getting then ask for it.  Also be willing to examine whether you’re doing your part in keeping your relationships healthy by communicating honestly, positively, and regularly.

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