It’s Better To Stop, Think, Analyze, & Act Reasonably Than To React Foolishly

Many people fail to take the time to step back and think about the long-term consequences of what they are about to say or do and end up ruining relationships because of not gathering all the facts or because of judging others without understanding who they really are and what they’ve been through.  Reasonable people understand that actions and words have consequences that are either good or bad and strive to exercise patience, to control their temper, to say words that indicate a desire to improve the relationship, and to do things that prove their commitment to fairness and reasonableness. Let’s take the time to think before we speak and act in order to behave wisely.

How To Transition From Co-dependence




Respecting Yourself Is The First Step In Becoming Respected By Others

Respecting ourselves requires that we treat ourselves with dignity, keep ourselves accountable for the words we say and the things we do, that we listen with the intent to understand, that we stand up for ourselves and those who need our help, and also requires that we develop and maintain healthy personal boundaries.  Self-respect also involves the wisdom to forgive ourselves and others and the determination to communicate honestly and effectively in order to strengthen the relationship we have with others.  Self-respect is an attractive quality that draws others to us who are also interested in honoring themselves and others.

There Can Be A Rainbow On The Other Side Of Surviving Child Abuse