Good Parenting Is Not Accidental

Good parenting involves more than providing your children with food and clothing.  Good parents communicate well and often with each other and their children in order to promote understanding and provide love and support.  Good parents focus on each other’s and their children’s great qualities and show their children how to analyze information, compare options, and prioritize in order to make the best decisions possible.  Good parents control their tempers, listen with the intent to understand, and teach the importance of forgiveness with the purpose of learning from mistakes in order not to repeat them.  Good parents are thoughtful, kind, giving, rational, forgiving, and supportive.  Good parenting brings joy to the parents, their children, and society.

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Our Words & Actions Define Who We Are

Whatever we say and do is a reflection of who we really are deep down inside.  By speaking words that are healing, supportive, compassionate, honest, and forgiving we demonstrate a healthy level of self-esteem and appreciation for the interdependent nature of life.  Sewing seeds of kindness, mercy, thoughtfulness, and joy will result in more meaningful and enjoyable relationships that will become stronger over time.  Treating others well means we know how to treat ourselves well and understand the wisdom in speaking and doing things that build others up.  Everything we say and do eventually comes back to us like a boomerang so let’s make sure we are saying and doing things that draw good people and good experiences to us.

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