Teaching Kids How To Respond To Bullies


Bullying is a serious social problem that has long lasting negative repercussions for both the bully and the victim.  It’s important to teach children how to respond appropriately to bullying and the importance of reporting bullying to an adult.  Bystanders also have a responsibility to step in and defend the child who is being bullied.  We need to teach children the importance of having empathy and compassion for others. By working together we can put an end to bullying and help children feel more confident and included as opposed to intimidated and excluded.

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Friends Can Give Us The Strength We Need To Face Anything


Good friends can be even closer to us than family members during times of trial and difficulty by holding back judgement, listening without interrupting, and letting us know how much we and our happiness means to them. Just knowing that you can pour your heart out to someone who really cares can lift the weight of the world from off your shoulders and give you the strength you need to overcome any challenge in life. Good friends are like an anchor to the soul that enable us to maintain our emotional equilibrium during stressful and uncertain times. Having good friends is the greatest form of wealth that one can possess.