Jealousy Can Destroy Relationships

Jealousy is poison to any relationship. Most jealous people have a history of neglect or abandonment by caregivers within their family of origin and harbor resentment towards their caregivers that they tend to project onto people they are seeking to have a committed relationship with. Jealousy is the quickest way to destroy any relationship. Jealous people also tend to lack a healthy level of self-esteem and also tend to be guilty of the very thing they’re accusing their partner of doing: flirting with people outside the relationship. Jealous people also tend to be suffering from some type of mental health challenge which they are not seeking medication and therapy for.  

Jealous people need to forgive their dysfunctional caregivers, address their mental health challenges, and learn how to build a healthy relationship based on honesty, trust, excellent communication, and mutual support. Great relationships go far beyond the superficial initial attraction to the other person and involve developing a deep love and respect for the other person that takes time to develop but is well worth the effort! Before you decide to enter into a relationship ask yourself if you have become a trustworthy, loving, self-accepting, rational, and forgiving person. If not, do the work before you enter into a serious relationship with anyone. You’ll be glad you did.