Good Mental Health Is Vital For A Great Life

Most people are unaware that mental health challenges like depression, bipolar, etc. are totally treatable with a combination of medication and therapy.  Successfully treating one’s depression, bipolar disorder, etc. can enable a person to thinking logically and rationally for the first time in their lives.  Instead of making impulsive decisions that lead to negative consequences one can finally stop, think, and analyze the situation before them and consider a number of possible choices and their possible outcomes in order to make the best decision possible.  Good mental health also enables people to control their tempers, avoid alienating friends and family, and become better partners, parents, and siblings.  Let’s get the word out that mental health disorders are totally treatable and can help millions end their battle with substance abuse.  Let’s end the stigma surrounding mental health conditions by educating ourselves and others with factual uplifting information.  It’s important to be aware of the fact that we fear what we don’t understand.

Power Of Forgiveness

Constructive Ways To End Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Most people who engage in self-sabotaging behavior are seldom aware that that’s what they are doing until it’s too late and the damage has already been done.  Where does self-sabotaging behavior come from and how can one successfully replace self-sabotaging behavior with behavior that is beneficial to oneself?  Those who grew up in abusive relationships and who suffer from some sort of untreated mental health challenge usually find it difficult to do and say things that result in good outcomes for them.  These same individuals find it hard to treat themselves well because they were never treated with love, respect, and understanding within their family of origin.  In order to break the cycle of self-sabotaging behavior the individual must seek therapy and medication as needed.  Medication of the right type and dose can enable the individual to think clearly and rationally for the first time in their lives.  Therapy can help people understand that their primary caregivers also suffered from some type of untreated mental illness and had at one time been victims of abuse themselves.  Only understanding the truth about these things can set people free from the misery of the past.  Medication and therapy can also help people develop and maintain healthy personal boundaries for the first time in their lives.  It’s very important to learn how to say “no” without feeling guilty and also learn how to be comfortable hearing “no”.  People also need to understand that aggression is aggression whether it’s passive or not.  Moving beyond self-sabotaging behavior isn’t easy at first but it will get easier with practice.

The Importance Of Gratitude

Take time each day to stop and reflect on all of the things you have to be grateful for.  Consider your good fortune if you happen to be working at a job you enjoy with co-workers that you respect and admire. Set aside time to think about and appreciate the wonderful and supportive friends you have who have always been there to support you even during your trials and tribulations. Make it a point to tell your good friends just how much they mean to you. Gratitude has the power to help us live our lives with purpose, enjoy more meaningful relationships, and pass on the lessons we’ve been so fortunate to learn.

Jealousy Can Destroy Relationships

Jealousy is poison to any relationship. Most jealous people have a history of neglect or abandonment by caregivers within their family of origin and harbor resentment towards their caregivers that they tend to project onto people they are seeking to have a committed relationship with. Jealousy is the quickest way to destroy any relationship. Jealous people also tend to lack a healthy level of self-esteem and also tend to be guilty of the very thing they’re accusing their partner of doing: flirting with people outside the relationship. Jealous people also tend to be suffering from some type of mental health challenge which they are not seeking medication and therapy for.  

Jealous people need to forgive their dysfunctional caregivers, address their mental health challenges, and learn how to build a healthy relationship based on honesty, trust, excellent communication, and mutual support. Great relationships go far beyond the superficial initial attraction to the other person and involve developing a deep love and respect for the other person that takes time to develop but is well worth the effort! Before you decide to enter into a relationship ask yourself if you have become a trustworthy, loving, self-accepting, rational, and forgiving person. If not, do the work before you enter into a serious relationship with anyone. You’ll be glad you did.

Teaching Kids How To Respond To Bullies


Bullying is a serious social problem that has long lasting negative repercussions for both the bully and the victim.  It’s important to teach children how to respond appropriately to bullying and the importance of reporting bullying to an adult.  Bystanders also have a responsibility to step in and defend the child who is being bullied.  We need to teach children the importance of having empathy and compassion for others. By working together we can put an end to bullying and help children feel more confident and included as opposed to intimidated and excluded.

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Friends Can Give Us The Strength We Need To Face Anything


Good friends can be even closer to us than family members during times of trial and difficulty by holding back judgement, listening without interrupting, and letting us know how much we and our happiness means to them. Just knowing that you can pour your heart out to someone who really cares can lift the weight of the world from off your shoulders and give you the strength you need to overcome any challenge in life. Good friends are like an anchor to the soul that enable us to maintain our emotional equilibrium during stressful and uncertain times. Having good friends is the greatest form of wealth that one can possess.

Patience Can Lead To Better Decisions & Forgiveness Can Heal Relationships

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People who are truly wise understand the value of exercising patience in order to stop and think before they speak or act to make sure that they will draw people closer to them rather than pushing them away.  Those who easily lose their temper and look for the faults in others create conflict and tear apart their relationships with their own two hands.  Sound wisdom helps people to forgive and seek reconciliation for more enjoyable relationships and fulfilling lives.  Focusing on the positive qualities that others possess rather than on their faults strengthens the bonds of love, peace, and friendship.

Cooperation Over Competition & People Over Things


Cooperation is better than competition because cooperation strengthens relationships, builds trust, improves communication, develops understanding, reduces conflicts, and enables people to achieve mutually satisfying outcomes.  Supportive relationships are much more important than material possessions since we live in an interdependent society that is built upon collaborative alliances.  Material possessions can’t provide the comfort, appreciation, gratitude, and love that other people can.  It’s important to keep our priorities in the right place and cooperate rather than compete and focus on having good relationships with others rather than on accumulating possessions in order to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

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Realistic Expectations Can Make Our Lives So Much Better


Realistic expectations can free us from the bondage of worry, indecision, and confusion. It’s reasonable to have realistic expectations because if something doesn’t turn out the way we would have liked we are able to make the best of the situation and remain calm. Realistic expectations of ourselves and others strengthens our relationships and allows for better communication, support, and cooperation. Realistic expectations help us to focus on what we can accomplish in the present moment knowing that we will be capable of handling whatever new developments may present themselves. Maintaining realistic expectations is wise and conducive to a great life.

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Life Is So Much Better When We’re Loving, Kind, Thoughtful, Forgiving, Compassionate, & Patient

Each day is an opportunity to treat others with love, kindness, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, compassion, and patience.  Let’s seize the opportunity to treat others well since we reap what we sew.  Let’s be supportive and help others see the great qualities they possess in order to help them gain self-confidence and enjoy life more.  It’s wise to treat others well since this draws good people to us whose friendship enriches our lives. There is more happiness in taking the initiative to treat others with love, kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, patience, and forgiveness because of the positive affect it has on their lives and ours.

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